Death runs in the family.

 Trish O’Brien’s roommate is dead—her demise wrapped in tragedy and violence—yet none of her fellow students at Texas State College seem to care. Is it callous apathy or something far more sinister? Determined to uncover the truth, Trish’s investigation soon draws her into a terrifying web of treachery and murder.

 John and Sarah Michaels survived the unspeakable horror of Marcus Kane’s program in the desert of New Mexico only to discover a new nightmare awaited them on the other side. The lethal specter of the Kane family patriarch—Hiram Kane—and his youngest son looms over every aspect of their lives. Drawn to a small Texas town in hope of ending Kane’s legacy of terror, John must unravel a new mystery with the help of an old friend.

 As separate investigations intertwine, the clues point to a single horrifying conclusion. With the lives of thousands at stake, it’s a race against time to stop the unstoppable and prevent Kane from succeeding in his bloodiest triumph—the Reckoning.

With gripping suspense layered into a spellbinding plot, Final Reckoning is  an epic conclusion to the Hostile Takeover Thrillogy certain to leave readers with an exhausted smile on their faces. 

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